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Limestone is the type of sedimentary stone in which the primary constituent is Calcite and has a very fine-grained surface consistency, and varies in hardness. Some dense limestones are available for various construction projects. They are polished as per the project requirement and can be utilized further as natural and shiny surfaces. The Limestones are available in multiple standard colors are blue, grey, black, brown, and green. Limestone is a hard, impervious, compact rock with deficient water absorption and high resistance in freezing and thawing conditions. That's why they are highly preferred in harsh and uncompromising atmospheric
conditions without getting damaged. Limestone slabs have a perfectly glossy, shiny effect that makes them desirable in many commercial and residential projects. Limestone slabs are often used for floorings, wall cladding, and vanity tops in homes and flats.

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Technical Specifications.

Available Products

Available in form of blocks, slabs and floor tiles, cobbles kerbstones sets and monuments, kitchen counters, vanity tops, prefabricated, precut, ready to install.

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