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Fakhree Marble

To ensure customers’ satisfaction, Joint Stone performs quality control tests at least 6 times as below

Marble and Granite Suppliers

Beginning Quality From The Quarry

Being a large-scale project, we chose a location in our quarry with immense mining capabilities that satisfy exact project specifications. This ensured that we get consistent, uniform, fresh, variation free, crack-free, fissure-less, and six sides dressed dimensional stone blocks. We implemented the latest mechanical mining methods that adhere to environment-friendly quarrying practices with minimum resource wastage. The quarrying was done in line with the government regulations, guidelines of respective departmental regulatory authorities, and international industry standards. Why Fakhree Marbles. Know More.


Precise Cutting

At the production site, the huge blocks were cut into smaller stone slabs of precise thickness. Thanks to our fully automatic block processing machines including gang saw and multi cutter. The results were achieved with stringent accuracy norms for zero variation and zero-defect in stone surfaces. Know more about our team.

Marble and Granite Suppliers


Polishing any surface is done to smoothen out the material's rough edges or uneven surface. Polishing the natural stone enhances the appearance and shine of its body and makes them alluring and valuable. At Fakhree Marbles, careful examination is done for Granite polishing to make it perfect in all the terms – value and aesthetics.


Material Loading / Packing

At Fakhree Marbles, all the ordered natural stones products are carefully packed and loaded for the transportation phase. Superior quality packaging materials are used for packing the ordered products for damage and hassle-free transit. Once the packing is done, the sealed packages are cautiously loaded on the vehicles using advanced and adept loading machines.


Material Installation

At Fakhree Marbles, the careful installation procedure is carried out for installing the natural stones with ease and perfection. The installation team consists of highly skilled and experienced members that adhere to the mandatory installation guidelines before installing any material.


Finish Product

At Fakhree Marbles, all the finished products are the epitome of style with excellence. The entire unit sternly adheres to quality, safety, and standard guidelines before delivering the finished products to our esteemed customers.

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